New Book! Lady Blackshirts

New Book out now: Lady Blackshirts

‘Lady Blackshirts. The Perils of Perception – suffragettes who became fascists’

This is the true story of suffragettes who became fascists during the inter war years.

During the 1930’s a small group of ultra-nationalistic women, who considered themselves feminists, joined Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists. ¬†Surprisingly some of these women were former high ranking members of the suffragette movement.

This work examines the political and social tensions that confronted women in the 1930’s and also the tensions that arose within Mosley’s ranks. ¬†Issues that were so profound, that some women were drawn into the world of the fascist political elite, and became ‘militant women citizens’ advocating and endorsing fascism.

Available in book shops now and directly from the Bristol Radical History Group.