How far do you want to go back exploring your family history?

How far back in time to find out your family history?

In theory it is possible to go as far back as the 15th century for the average British family history, but this is usually only if your ancestors tended to live in the same region, or few parishes, and that the records have survived.  It is amazing how many church records of baptisms, marriages and burials have survived.  However, if your ancestors before around 1841, tended to move around, or were immigrants into the British Isles before this time, tracing them may be more difficult, but not impossible!  This will be similar to those who reside in other countries.

Having said this every person has a different and unique family ancestry that will always be fascinating, uncover some surprises, and reveal hidden circumstances that lead you to understand why you may have come to live where you live or where your parents lived.

I believe it is best to research your family history in generational stages, perhaps going back 4 generations to begin with, and then choosing to take a particular line further back that you find of most interest.  By researching your family history in logical stages it is easier for you to absorb the wealth of information that will be uncovered for you and to understand your unique family story.

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